Ridiculous myths about STDs.

The world as a whole is very uncomfortable when it comes to the matter of sex, something natural and normal as everyday life, and it even gets  worse when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases(STDs)/infections(STIs).

People will rather not talk about it at all and sex education doesn’t exactly go into details about it either and this like many things has created some myths that are not true

The Twin Urine

There are actual people who believe that symptoms of STD’s such as gonorrhea especially in men where the urine divides in two ways or more, is not a symptom of a disease, but a sign that you are about to have twins.

Yh I suggest you take your lady to the hospital to check if she’s pregnant, let alone expecting twins and yourself for an STI check up.

• Same STDs Are Only A One Time Thing

It’s never true that you can only get the same STD/STI once, It doesn’t matter that you’ve been cured of a certain type of STD, being gonorrhea, chlamydia or whatever, if you indulge in unprotected sex, for the second time after being cured, you might get it again and again, and again.

Only Trashy/Slutty People Get STDs…

Some believe that people who are “trashy” or “slutty” in the sense of having too much sex or being promiscuous are the ones who get STDs, and that’s absolutely ridiculous, one does not need to be having too much sex than others to get an infection or risk having it. Everyone is equally exposed as long as they’re having sex, and it only takes that one moment to get an STI, not two or more.

You Can’t Get STIs from Oral or Anal Sex

Others are of the view that diseases can be transmitted sexually only by regular intercourse (a penis being inserted into a vagina), some think they can have oral and/or anal sex and do away with the risk of getting an STI but  that’s not true, doesn’t matter the type of sex you’re having, if precautions are not taking, you are at risk as everyone else having sex. Cuts or tears in your mouth or anus, can be the pathway for bacteria to spread, STIs such as herpes can even be contracted just through skin to skin contact, so always  take precautions and stay protected, no matter the type of sex you’re having.

Sex In Hot Tubs and Pools Are Totally Safe

Looks like we’re gonna have to quit having sex in our bedrooms, going by this theory. Some people say that having unprotected sex in a pool or hot tub secures you from catching STDs because of the  chlorine in the water, (how sweet it will be tho if it was true) but sorry to disappoint you guys, chlorine does not kill STDs or STIs, so we’re gonna have to keep having protected sex in our bedrooms.

You Will Know If Someone Has An STD/STI

It’s a very common misconception that  people who are leaving with STDs/STis such as HIV/AIDs can be noticed because they look lean which is not true, a person living with HIV/AIDs can very well look healthy, if they take right medications and follow their doctors instructions, so again , its better to take precautions just in case, after all STD isn’t written on anyone’s face.

You Can Get STDs On A Toilet Seat

The biggest misconception of them all is this particular myth, people think sitting on a public toilet seat that a person with STD could have possibly used can give one the disease too and this is in no way true,. It’s never been known to happen before fortunately, and science have proven that these viruses and bacterias can not survive outside the human body.


As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, just wear a condom if you’re not with that one loyal person(married or not), it’s not rocket science, is it? Just fill in your email and comment the myths you’ve  heard below…

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