Man Burried With Money Worth GH¢300,00 To Bribe God In Heaven.

A former Ugandan government official, Charles Obong, 52. who worked as a senior personnel officer in the ministry of  Public Service died on December 17 2015, and wanted to use the huge amount of money to plead to God for his soul to be saved.

Mr David Elic, the brother in-law of the deceased said Obong left behind a Will, that says that upon his death, his wife Ms Margaret Obong should deposit the huge some of money in his coffin that costs a whopping amount of Shs20m(Ugandan currency).

Obong meant to use  the Shs200million( about GH¢300,00) as an offering to God, so that he can forgive him his sins and escape hell fire. With the metallic coffin costing Shs20m and the money splashed on him in the coffin, he took to the grave about GH¢330,00 to the grave.

He also instructed his brother Justin Ngole and sister Hellen Aber to be witnesses and make sure his wife do as he bid her………. Clearly, someone didn’t read his bible and is very selfish too, and why the country allowed its currency to be buried only they know, but if there’s one thing am sure about, is that  someone will dig that grave up in no time( that’s it hasn’t been done already).

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