Hollywood Sign Vandalised To Read “Hollyweed”

The famous Hollywood Landmark located on the top of Mountain Lee, in Los Angeles Carlifornia has been the target of vandalism by a prankster earlier this year, the vandal adjusted the sign to read “Hollyweed”

Security cameras showed a man dressed all in black at dawn of the New Year, climbing Mount. Lee and putting huge tarps at on sides of the middle of the ‘Os’ so to make them seem like ‘E’¬† and spell out ‘Hollyweed”

This comes after Californians voted to approve recreational marijuana which is to be legal in 2018 in the state on November 2016, the public are therefore forbideden to enter the area that houses the landmark .

It’s the second time the famous landmark has been vandalized to read the words “Hollyweed”, the first time was in January 1, 1976 by a California State University¬† Northridge student called Daniel finegood, who altered the sign with curtains for an art class assignment and scored an A, reports the LA Times.

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