Ashh FM’s Lost Presenter Back From Death And Fired Upon Arrival.

Daasebre Adjei Dwemena an employee of the popular Kumasi based radio station Ashh FM has finally return after going missing on the 7th of December 2016 when he went to report  for the  radio station about the election, the reporter came back on the 7th of January, exactly a month after disappearing.

The reporter arrived exactly the day of the inauguration of President Akuffo Addo and got fired upon arival, the  MP for the Assin Central Constituency and the owner of the radio station fired the reporter upon arrival for going haywire and leaving everyone stranded.

An angry Kennedy Agyapong was is quoted as asking the embattled reporter to “disappear from his station” or incur his wrath, Daasebre Adjei Dwamena, it would be recalled, was finally found after three weeks of fruitless to trace his where abouts.

Reports say that the whole disappearance was staged with some colleagues for reasons currently unkown, the journalist who has come under barrage of attacks for this charade, especially from other members of the media says he recieved a directive to pray for the President at a secret location.

In honouring the directive, he had to disappear and travel to a secret location to embark on the holy exercise he is not obliged to disclose to anyone, he says “It is important to also pray even though we work on radio. I was not supposed to go pray with anyone because it was supposed to be a secret exercise. I went to pray for Nana Addo’s victory at the place where no one is supposed to know,” he claimed.”

Leaving a job without any prior notice upon work hours to do something personal is very unprofessional and for once in a while, I think we can all agree with the controversial MP and CEO.



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